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Pearls of Oceanic
Pearls of Oceanic
Pearls of Oceanic
Pearls of Oceanic
Pearls of Oceanic
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Quality Study Material

We don't only rely on NCERT Books. From our 24 Years Experience, we have developed a Quality study-material, which we call 'An Indispensable Tool.

Best Faculty

All our Teachers holds atleast a Master-Degree. so when you are here, you learn from Professionals not a rookie

All Subject Classes

We Provide tution for classes 8th - 10th (Maths & Science) and 11th - 12th (Arts, Commerce, Science)

100% Result Every Year

'Oceanic Academy' holds a record for 100% result every year.

Career Guidance

We not only educate the child but also guide him his way to his future.

Doubt Classes

Every Sunday we arrange doubt classes for students, so they can grasp the concept tightly.

Featured Subjects

If you’re a high school student looking to excel in your studies, we have something for you.

Mathematics courses that cover everything from algebra and calculus to geometry and statistics.


Chemistry courses help students grasp the concepts and applications of this central science.


Oceanic Coaching Center empower students to understand and apply the principles of physics in various contexts.


Biology, the intricate tapestry of life woven through the language of genes and the dance of cells.


Accounts courses equip students with essential skills for financial management and analysis.


Economics courses delve into economic theories and their real-world applications.


We cover topics such as marketing, finance, operations, and strategy.


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